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Murder in the First

Murder in the First (2014-2016)

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Murder in the First is a crime drama from legendary television producer Steven Bochco, best known for creating both NYPD Blue and Hill Street Blues. So, he'd better not leave us with blue balls! The series' conceit is that each season will follow a single murder case from the committing of the crime, through the investigation, arrest, and trial of the suspect. However, our two lead detectives would remain the same from season to season. Set in San Francisco, the series follows the lead detectives: single mom Hildy Mulligan (Kathleen Robertson) and former Marine sniper Terry English (Taye Diggs), whose wife is under hospice care and slowly dying, as they try to piece together the shooting death of a man in a drug house. Since it takes place in Frisco, it's not surprising season one centered around a Silicon Valley whiz kid who just might be a psychopath. And since he was played by Draco Malfoy himself, Tom Felton, of course everyone assumes he's guilty. Season two switched from the tech world to a school bus massacre, while season three was all about a dead football player and the hot blogger (Tiffany Dupont) who knows way more than a normal journalist should. There’s no mystery regarding what Taye Diggs looks like with his shirt off as he shows off his bulging muscles (and bulging junk), a few times over show's run. Steven Weber goes ass out, while Harry Potter star Tom Felton and hottie Mo McRae show off their underwear-clad bods! We'd like some Mo where that came from! Even Ian Anthony Dale's derriere shows up when he's got a woman's legs around his head and is plowing her! With all those fine displays of San Fran man, Murder in the First will have you so swollen you'll nearly burst!