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Naked Dragon

Naked Dragon (2014)

Great Nudity!

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A serial killer is on the loose in Los Angeles. His victims are young Asian men. Davon Williams and Jesse Sean Atkinson have sex with each other. They show us their peens and balls. Williams’ willy is erect. We have a lot to cover.

In Naked Dragon (2014) seasoned FBI agent Robbie Taylor (Jesse Sean Atkinson) must use his psychic abilities to save Los Angeles from one of its deadliest serial killers in history known simply as “Dragon.” Lucky for the city and for us, Robbie teams up with new kid on the block cop, David Harris (Davon Williams). Their unique chemistry becomes a catalyst for new and inventive tactics used in trying to catch the killer. With the clock running out, will Robbie and David be able to save the city?

While not on the beat, Davon Williams and Jesse Sean Atkinson are, you guessed it, beating off each other. Naked Dragon is considered a drama / romance movie, and while the drama is cool, the romance is what makes us drool. Davon and Jesse have amazing chemistry and love exploring each other’s bodies. There’s the time that Jesse gives Davon a blow job in the shower. Then there’s the time that Davon pounds Jesse. Then there’s the time that Jesse pounds Davon. The two sexy studs cover just about everything, and by the end of Naked Dragon you’ll be covered in something as well.