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Nitram (2021)

Brief Nudity

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Based on the true story of a man who committed a mass shooting in Tasmania in 1996, Nitram (2022) is a journey into the mouth of madness. Caleb Landry Jones stars as the title character (it represents his birth name Martin spelled backwards), whose parents—played by Judy Davis and Anthony LaPaglia—have tried in vain to understand their enigmatic son, who has been a problem since he was little and took perverse pleasure in causing his parents emotional pain. Nitram soon develops an unhealthy obsession with his neighbor Helen (Essie Davis of The Babadook), who takes a liking to the strange boy despite a multitude of red flags, giving him small jobs to do around her house. When one tragedy after another begin to befall the people around Nitram, it's only a matter of time before he builds to a brutally climactic act of violence that countless people should have seen coming. While there's not much here to "like" per se, you will enjoy the quick look we get at Caleb Landry Jones' bare ass when he sits naked on the floor playing with a puppy!