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Ozark (2017-2020)

Brief Nudity


After Breaking Bad put the genre on the map, it was only a matter of time before we got a ton of "desperate, strait-laced middle-class man turns to a life of crime and finds he excels at it" shows. Netflix's series Ozark may well have been the best of the lot, kicking off in 2017 and scoring all sorts of Emmy nominations during its four-season run. On the show, Jason Bateman plays Marty Byrde, a Chicago financial planner who started laundering money for a Mexican drug cartel after his wife (Laura Linney) suffered a miscarriage a few years back. He's extremely thorough and careful, but when one of his partners starts skimming funds, Marty is forced to pack up the wife and kids and move to The Ozarks. He promises he'll set up an even bigger laundering scheme for the Mexicans to make amends, but as soon as he touches down in Missouri things start going South. Originally just a nerdy numbers man, Marty will end up a coldblooded killer doing whatever he can to protect his family and his illegal business operation. Speaking of business, there are plenty of scenes where we get skin from some sexy men as they do some naughty business. Forget money laundering, you'll make a killing running a laundromat with all the sticky, stained undies this one led to. Jason Bateman shows off his own ass during a sex scene, while Michael Mosley floats shirtless in the water. Jason Butler Harner shows off his beautiful buns while he gets a blow job from Barrett Doyle, while Blair Jasin walks down to a dock naked, showing of his plump posterior before going skinny sipping. Michael Aaron Milligan shows his rump humping a babe in the bathroom, while Trevor Long brought the heat as a jacked dude living in a trailer park. This show about money laundering will have your hand wandering! The winding Ozarks are full of nooks and crannies we'd love to get lost in!