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Reacher (2022-)

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Standing at almost six and a half feet, built like a body builder, and tough as a coffin nail, Jack Reacher (Alan Ritchson) is the quintessential tough guy.  Jack is an ex-military police officer, who after retiring from his days of busting bad guys for the US Army, lives his life as a drifter around the USA.  The problem with being a handsome giant like Jack though, you stand out in a small town and trouble tends to find him wherever he lands for the night.  This time around, the good guy finds himself in Margrave, Georgia and when he sticks his nose into the business of the local corrupt cops, politicians, businessmen and gangsters who have setup shop in the humble little burg off the beaten path, he also finds himself framed for a murder he didn't commit.  So Jack uses his wits, muscles, and general badassery to wiggle himself out of this pickle and put a world class ass whopping on anyone and everyone who had a hand in killing his brother, threatened his family, and framing him for murder!  Lucky for us too, real-life Adonis, Alan Ritchson, took on the titular lead character from The Lee Child novels of the same name in this TV series.  It's impressive to see Alan show this much butt and general bod in this one because he put on over 30lbs of muscle for the role and he's about as sexy as they come!  We also get a little skin from newbie A.J. Simmons as well as Marc Bendavid to bring this series into sexy town!