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Show Me What You Got

Show Me What You Got (2019)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Show Me What You Got (2019) is a sexy feature film by director and writer Svetlana Cvetko about three young lovers defying social norms with their relationship and how they love. These three Millennials in Los Angeles are politically active and enjoy defying heteronormative ideas about love and relationships. Two men and a woman form a throuple and they all go out together to political protests and they get more and more involved in art. All of these things make the three of them fall deeply in love with one another. However, one of them is Italian and has to go back home to Italy. This winds up putting their love in danger and it throws off the balance of the throuple's relationships toward each other. This sexy film is shot in black and white and harkens back to French New Wave filmmaking with brand new notions about love. This sexy poly film features two men, so that's great news for us. Mattia Minasi plays Marcello and Neyssan Falahi plays Nassim Jafari. The two of them both show off their asses in hot lovemaking scenes. Whether all three of them are chasing after one another in their underwear or passionately making love while glamping, these scenes are HOT. Neyssan gets an extra moment of screentime when he is heartbroken and sitting down shirtless. Aw, poor baby. We want to comfort him! The only problem is that we don't get to see cocks from these guys. Maybe next time they can show us what they got.