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Species (1995)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Species (1995) is a sci-fi thriller chronicling a top secret project involving splicing alien DNA with human DNA. When a group of scientists receive a transmission detailing the structure of alien DNA and the instructions on how to splice it with human DNA, they decide to give it a try. The result is a half-human, half-alien woman who is as deadly as she is sensual and hot.

Michael Madsen flashes some booty and upper body when he crawls out of a hotel room bed and pulls up his pants on his way to answer the door. We get a good look at his ass and lower back dimples then we see his chest when he answers the door. Anthony Guidera is steamy, wet and hot when he gets out of the shower and dries off while the alien/woman watches him. We get to see his washboard abs and some side butt when pulls on his pants. His body is out of this world.