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Spring Breakers Gone Wild

Guys on spring break have a tendency to go wild and we are here to watch it. Check out this playlist of sexy celebs in and out of their speedos. This playlist includes James Franco, the boys from EuroTrip, Calendar Girls, and Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild!. Keep watching to see Mauro Lorenz strip to his cock, Hank Azaria's ass, Adam Sandler's body double, Pierre Deladonchamps in Stranger by the Lake, Louis Garrel and Philippe Duclos, Philippe Garnier running naked on the beach, Eric Mabius in Wirey Spindell, Matthew Lillard in Summer Catch, Dev Patel nude in Skins, Peter Gallagher in Summer Lovers, Joe Thomas nude, Miguel Herrán, Joe Dallesandro totally nude, Kirk Jenkins and Israel Cannan, the balls in Voyage, Joaquin Furriel skinny dipping, Raul Merida's butt, the skinny dip scene in Earthquake Bird, Jon Paul Phillips' butt, and Steve Bassett and Paul Land. Pack your hottest bathing suit and start getting wet with these boys. 

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