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The Big C

The Big C (2010)

Brief Nudity

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For four seasons starting in 2010, Showtime's The Big C followed suburban St. Paul Minnesota housewife, mother and teacher Cathy (Laura Linney) as she reexamined her life after a melanoma diagnosis. Already in her mid-40's, instead of letting the diagnosis destroy her, she embraces life and decides to make some changes. From walking around naked and installing a pool in her backyard, buying a convertible, and telling her husband (Oliver Platt) she's not putting up with his crap anymore, all the way to starting an affair with a sexy painter (Idris Elba), Cathy's cancer kicks off a period where she lives the way she's always wanted to, even if the end of her life might be sooner than she ever imagined. The subject matter sounds depressing, but Cathy finds humor in her predicament, relationships, and new "I don't give an eff" attitude. Dealing with cancer isn’t usually a hot bed for nudity and sex, let alone comedy. There's just not a lot of opportunity for masturbation during radiation, and skin cancer doesn't immediately have us begging to see some skin. But on this show, Cathy embraces having all the sex she was too scared to have before she was staring at an early grave. John Benjamin Hickey plays Cathy’s brother Sean. He’s a dirty, homeless environmentalist who begins an affair with Cathy’s friend. We get a few quick shots of his tree hugging behind over the course of the series, but not enough to save a rainforest of desire for mandangered meat. Luckily, the finer piece of ass comes when Idris Elba shows his tight buns as he's having sex with Cathy. Sorry humor, but big black cock is really the best medicine! Thanks to that scene, ou'll get the big D, then have the big O watching The Big C