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The Big Door Prize

The Big Door Prize (2023)

No Nudity

Top Scene


Apple TV+ had yet another hit on their hands in 2023 with the the comedy sci-fi book adaptation, The Big Door Prize. The premise is just crazy enough to work - a small town comes alive after the arrival of a mysterious machine that sort of resembles a photo booth. The machine spits out a blue card for each resident, and on each card is a single word. The machine promises to unleash one's full potential via this singular word. So what do they residents do? They take the machine for its word, and examine themselves, change their lives, and sometimes look for the bigger meanings of the universe, all thanks to the word the machine gives them. It's a read head-scratcher. You'll scratch your downstairs head when you catch a glimpse of funnyman Chris O'Dowd shirtless in the kitchen! The town's residents all do crazy things based on their word, and Chris gets a tattoo on his side! This big door prize is easy on the eyes!