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The Boys in the Band

The Boys in the Band (1970)

Brief Nudity

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The phrase "ahead of its time" is thrown around way too nonchalantly when it comes to filmmaking. But considering that people say it about gay themed films from as late as the early 2000's, we feel pretty confident in saying it's an apt description for The Boys in the Band (1970). Based on the play of the same name, director William Friedkin's adaptation was groundbreaking at the time, but has been criticized by modern day gays for having way too many self-hating homosexuals. The film follows gay former alcoholic Michael (Kenneth Nelson) as he's about to throw a fabulous party for his fellow "Queen" Harold (Leonard Frey). He’s invited all Harold’s closest queer friends; an eclectic group of gay men that include Emory (Cliff Gorman) an over the top flamboyantly gay interior designer, and Hank (Laurence Luckinbill), a married dude who has been trying to pretend to be straight for ages. When Michael’s supposedly straight college roommate Alan (Peter White) shows up, tensions rise and tempers flair, culminating with an uncomfortable game of “telephone” where you have to call the love of your life. Toss in the male prostitute “Cowboy” (Robert La Tourneaux) who’s supposed to be Harold’s gift and you’ve got a party one simply must attend! But since Alan keeps acting like he can't believe he's at the party, but never finds the right time to leave, maybe he's not as straight as he seems? The boys dish, drink and verbally dismember each other during the party, but no fleshy favors are seen or given. That probably would've gotten the movie banned back in the 70's. But we do get some skin. Frederick Combs and Kenneth Nelson both flash their fannies while they take turns showering and changing for the shindig. We dig those dumpers! And if gay stereotypes are just your type, take a look at Cliff Gorman walking around in his boxers, with a classic 70's hairy chest. Those were the best! There's a 2020 remake that ratchets up the sex, but nothing beats the original. You'll have your dick in your hand watching The Boys in the Band!