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The Double Lover (2017)

Great Nudity!

Jérémie Renier stars as two estranged therapists (who are also identical twins) who start banging the same woman. One brother is Paul, a kinder, softer man who falls in love with a young patient named Chloe and moves in with her within the span of a couple months. When Chloe sees Paul's doppelganger kissing another woman, she does some research and finds out he has a twin brother who is colder and more calculated, so what does she do? Books an appointment and starts an affair with him, of course! It's a mess, but it means a whole lot of naked Jérémie! He shows off his beautiful cock and ass several times during raunchy scenes and even gets pegged! 

Top Scenes

Sexy, straight, shirtless 00:19:17 Jérémie Renier shows off side ass during a sex scene with a cat nearby! Weird, but sexy.
Nude, butt, gay, straight, shirtless 00:39:39 Jérémie Renier shows off his stellar seat meat while he's having sex with a woman when another man walks in and joins in on the fun!
Sexy, straight, shirtless 00:56:42 Jérémie Renier aggressively goes down on a brunette!
Nude, butt, straight, shirtless 01:00:51 Jérémie Renier shows off his beautiful bare ass when he gets out of bed! There's another cat, too. Still weird, still sexy.
Nude, butt, penis, straight, shirtless 01:06:06 Jérémie Renier shows full nudity during a pegging scene! Sexy!
Nude, butt 00:45:57 Jérémie Renier shows off his tight ass again after getting a striptease!
Nude, butt, shirtless 00:34:27 Jeremie is in the background showering, but his ass is the real star.


Jérémie Renier

Nude - as Paul Meyer / Louis Delord

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