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The Pacific

The Pacific (2010)

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In 2001, Tom Hanks' Playtone Productions scored a massive hit with HBO's based on a true story, European theater of World War II miniseries Band of Brothers. In 2010, they realized there was an entire portion of the war they'd left unexplored on that miniseries, so they created the 10-part HBO miniseries The Pacific to teach viewers about the dudes fighting the Japanese instead of the Germans. While not as star studded as Band of Brothers, the series follows U.S. Marines Eugene Sledge (Joseph Mazzello), Robert Leckie (James Badge Dale), and John Basilone (Jon Seda) as they fight from one campaign to the next, doing battle against the Japanese Empire during World War II. From killer Kamikazes and Samurai spirit fueled fellas fighting them to the death, to malaria, heat stroke, and all sorts of other run-ins with the dark side of nature, the show made it clear that island hopping in the Pacific was just as bad as storming the beaches of Normandy. Unlike in Band of Brothers, the main characters are not all part of the same unit and don't know each other. Eugene's a less than stellar physical specimen with a bad heart who gets stuck fighting at Okinawa, Robert's a writer who fights at Guadalcanal, and John's a hardened soldier who returns from injury to take action at Iwo Jima but won't be there to raise the flag and snap the famous photo. Like Band of Brothers, the series was based on nonfiction books: in this case Eugene Sledge's "With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa" and Robert Leckie's "Helmet for My Pillow." Perhaps those fellas took some liberties with their constant ability to squeeze some great titties, because on the show our boys had women throwing themselves at them before they got thrown into battle. Jon Seda kindly gives us a look at his sexy body as he removes his shirt and gets steamy with his wife in the kitchen. Now that’s a campaign we can get behind! Then, James Badge Dale shows his abs while a woman decides to sex him out of a sleepless night. Alright! Give her a merit badge for helpfulness! Playtone would go on to add Masters of Air to the mix in 2024, focusing on the fly boys taking control of the sky. But no WWII miniseries had us unzipping our flies more than The Pacific!