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SIX (2017-2018)

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Ever wonder what SEAL Team one through five are up to? Ends up there aren't any. There was a SEAL Team One and Two, but we named another group SEAL Team Six to trick the USSR into thinking there were way more teams than there really were. Clever. The premier SEAL group for decades, these fellas have been in all sorts of TV shows and movies including 2017's SIX, a History Channel miniseries about these sea, air and land fighting badasses. On the show, we first meet Rip Taggart (Walton Goggins) as a drunk ex-military man living in Nigeria where he works as a mercenary. Flashback to 2014, where we meet Rip as the lean, focused head of SEAL Team Six. He's fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan alongside his buddies Bear Graves (Barry Sloane) and Alex Caulder (Kyle Schmid), but it's been a long time, and the guys are getting weary of playing whack-a-mole with the newest terrorist cell. Although we don't know what, something went really wrong on one of their final missions, and now there's a man coming for Rip to get his revenge. Will his buddies help him out, or were his actions in Afghanistan too much for them to forgive? Written by the man behind Apollo 13 (1995), William Broyles Jr., the show lasted two seasons, and was applauded for its realistic portrayal of the everyday lives of the SEALs. If you've ever watched these elite soldiers go through Hell Week, it shouldn't be a surprise the characters on the show look hot as Hell! How many pushups does a military man have to do to look like the beefcake Barry Sloane, who we see shirtless and mid-bone? He looks good enough to go on a covert mission down in our pants. Mr. Goggins had us going gaga as always with his lean torso, but Juan Pablo Raba even moreso when he strips down and lets a lady ride on top of him. For that patriotic dick, watch Eric Ladin give it to a blonde babe from behind right in front of Old Glory! Episode two gave us a chance to see Kyle Schmid's ass in an apron! He sure looks sexy, but we are hoping to see his SIX inches sometime soon! Throw in dudes like Nikolai Nikolaeff taking his tee shirt off, and you'll see why SIX is all about the SEX!