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Wasted (2016)

No Nudity

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Wasted is a British comedy series that acted as a love letter to nerd and stoner culture, so if you've ever wanted to get freaky with a dude who is kind of geeky, you'll absolutely love it! Premiering on Channel 4 in 2016, the six-episode series that is often compared to Spaced takes place in the fictional town of Neston Berry, UK. Failed DJ Kent (Dylan Edwards) has just run out of cash and moved back to his hometown, which allows him to hook back up with his old high school friends. Paul (Danny Kirrane), who calls himself Morpheus, owns the "Stoned Henge" bong shop/tattoo parlor along with his sister Sarah (Rose Reynolds). Morpheus is a huge nerd, but Sarah wants to run a successful business so she can get out of Neston Berry and see the world. When Morpheus isn't lusting after the sexy tattoo artist Alison (Gwyneth Keyworth), he's having some chats with his imaginary mentor Sean Bean. Yes, whenever Morpheus needs some guidance, he reaches out to imaginary Sean Bean who is often dressed like either Ned Stark or Boromir. These stoners and geeks are constantly doing whatever they could to try to cure their boredom in their small hometown. We’re definitely not bored watching Wasted because there are some choice sexy shirtless scenes to keep our attention. Dylan Edwards, Jamie Demetriou, and Tom Canton all show of their hairy chests while they soak in a hot tub together. Seeing all three of these manly Brits making sexy soup in that hot tub, gets us a little hot ourselves! The delicious Dylan Edwards takes his shirt off in another scene to try to fight Jamie Demetriou. If Jamie doesn’t want to fight, we would love to wrestle with Dylan! Meanwhile, Danny Kirrane ends up in his undies in front of a wild, Eyes Wide Shut (1999) style sex party. If you didn't think you were into plus sized men, that scene will be rather eye opening! Still, we can't help but feel that so many full-frontal opportunities were Wasted in this one!