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Lovesick (2014-2018)

Brief Nudity


The British comedy series Lovesick (AKA Scrotal Recall) stars Johnny Flynn as Dylan Witter, a ladies’ man that has got his dingus wet with a lot of women. No, he's definitely not sick of doing it with hotties. Instead, Dylan’s poon-chasing days slow to a halt when he is diagnosed with Chlamydia. Now, in attempt to set things right, the diseased dude feels compelled to contact all of his sexual partners and inform them of his malady. You know, to make amends. It's sort of like My Name is Earl, only kind of disgusting. Each episode is told mainly through a series of flashbacks of the night he infected some lovely lady with his special STD, interspersed with Dylan’s interactions with best buds Luke (Daniel Ings) and Evie (Antonia Thomas) as they help him on his germy journey. You'd be shocked how many women are cool with popping a few antibiotics and jumping right back on top of Dylan's dick. Or maybe you wouldn't be, after taking a gander at Johnny Flynn's fanny. Johnny owes a dude some money for a broken mirror but makes a deal that he'll show him his dick as payment instead. We see his behind, which is great. but the camera never gets in front, which is hugely disappointing. Still, let's applaud the dude with The Clap's keister! As for appointment viewing, Richard Thomas shows his abs in a scene that'll have you wondering why the ladies weren't lusting after him instead, while Dafydd Llyr-Thomas shows his tush while between the legs of a woman. But it's Daniel Ings who does the kinkiest things. We see his ass as he's taking a dump in the woods, complete with some awkward eye contact between him and a deer. We see him popping the question via some "Marry Me?" Speedos with the words written across the bum. We even see him doing his best not to steam himself to death trying to show off to a hottie in a sauna. Seeing his sweaty chest and thighs, you know you wanna! Lovesick will have you risking coming down with something to go down on a sexy British boy!