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Wild (2016)

Brief Nudity
  • Genres: Comedy, Drama
  • Directed by: Nicolette Krebitz
  • Theatrical Release: 01/24/2016
  • Home Release: 10/27/2016
  • Country: Germany
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Wild (2016) covers familiar territory: A woman, unhappy with the tenants of modern society, wants to connect with her instincts and the formidable but free wilderness. Only this time, Ania (Lillith Stangenberg) isn't traipsing out into the elements alone - she's bringing the wild to her own world. Unhappy with an oppressive role in IT consulting, she comes across a lone wolf one day in a park. She's immediately captivated and the next day goes back to the park to begin luring the wolf in. She succeeds in bringing it back to her aparment, where all sorts of bonding go down - including the sexual kind. It's much more transgressive than normal animalistic fare, so prepare yourself... for the bare butt of George Friedrich right before he comes all over Ania's stomach. This is wild, y'all!


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