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Your Honor

Your Honor (2020-2023)

Brief Nudity

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Your Honor (2020) is a dramatic crime series that stars Bryan Cranston as a powerful career judge who starts doubting his career and the previous sentences that he ruled on once his own son gets involved in a crime. His son becomes implicated in a hit-and-run accident that also involves members of a large organized crime family. Bryan Cranston wants to do anything to save his son's life which also makes him question his previous judgments, realizing that it is easier to pass judgment (whether as a career or as a layperson) when you are not involved in the story directly. This crime drama shows us the different ways in which perspectives change depending on your distance from it and just how far a father will go to protect the son he loves. Speaking of love, we love hot men and we do get to see one such hottie in this series. Hunter Doohan plays the son, Adam Desiato, and he is absolutely guilty...of being sexy. We get to see him naked when he gets out of bed after his lover leaves the room. When he stands up, he walks over to his desk and takes a look at a picture. This gives us a chance to see the picture of his peach as he stands there with his back to the camera. He eventually puts on his boxers, but Your Honor, we would like to build a case for Adam Desiato to go nude even more in the near future. The penis-cution rests.