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Zero (2021)

No Nudity


Italian screenwriter and comic book creator Menotti brings us the latest entry in the burgeoning genre of the superhero television series, Zero, which debuted on Netflix in the Spring of 2021! The series focuses on the title character Zero (Giuseppe Dave Seke), a teenager with invisibility powers who is recruited by a local small time thug named Shariff (Haroun Fall) to help him commit crimes. While Zero is lulled into the life by the promise of riches and being able to take basically anything he wants, he also longs to be a normal teenager, living a normal teenage life, as he harbors a crush on the sensitive art student Anna (Beatrice Grannò) who might be the first person in his life to see him for who he really is and not just his powers. As with any comic book premise, there are certainly cliches to be found here that are almost inescapable in the genre in this day and age, but its distinctly Italian sensibilities will certainly make it a breath of fresh air for Americans looking to get a break from the same old same old. While the series lead Giuseppe Dave Seke doesn't doff his duds in season one, we do get some sexy action from some of the other male cast members! Sadly we don't see their members, but Haroun Fall appears shirtless as Shariff and also shows off a nice bulge in some red undies, while one of his toy boys Honey (Livio Kone) also struts his stuff in the kitchen with Haroun! Zero will leave you feeling like a hundred bucks!