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40 Days and 40 Nights (2002)

Brief Nudity

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Josh Hartnett stars in this romantic comedy as Matt a young man fixated so much on the fact that his ex is getting married that he is experiencing some “sexual problems”.  Trying to find a solution to those problems leads him to undertake one of the most absurd vows in skinstory.  He decides to give up all sex for the duration of Lent. Perish the thought! Matt won’t get busy with anyone including himself for 40 days. The horror!  He makes the mistake of letting his roommate in on his plans and things get crazy from there. Wagering ensues, a website is created and wouldn’t you know it, Matt meets the girl of his dreams, but won’t get busy until the clock strikes midnight, ending his Lenten sacrifice. There are a lot of shots of wild women trying to get Matt to break his vow and give them back “the power”, but not any real nudity.   Josh Hartnett gives us a quick tease of side butt while jumping up from the floor after a quick one-timer, but his sheet covers up anything worth seeing.  This is a lighthearted little tease that won’t make you need to do any penance. 


Josh Hartnett

Nude - as Matt Sullivan

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