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Atlanta (2016-2022)

No Nudity

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Kicking off in 2016, Atlanta was the critically adored creation of creative dynamo Donald Glover. The plot was simple: after his cousin Paper Boi (Brian Tyree Henry) suddenly hits it big with his rap career, Ivy League dropout Earn (Donald Glover) tries to latch onto his budding career by managing it. Hoping to prove himself to his baby mamma (Zazie Beetz) he'll see if his booksmarts can translate into helping his cousin hit it big in the rap game. That's the basic gist of it, and how Glover sold it to the networks, but that's definitely underselling it. The show was incredibly surreal, with episodes only vaguely linked to each other, and with Earn being almost entirely absent from the third season. Over the course of the show's four season run, Glover's self-proclaimed "Twin Peaks with rappers" show would have a horror episode where Glover plays a knock-off Michael Jackson character named Teddy Perkins, would feature a black Justin Bieber, would have a character chasing men who can walk through walls, and would even feature an invisible car. Yes, it was an incredibly unique and surreal show, but what made it really good was the very real skin! They sure do make those boys peachy down there in Atlanta! Donald Glover proves he's more than a hilarious actor when he sits in bed shirtless listening to music. His tight brown chest is just begging to be touched! Mr. Man won't get the chance, but Lakeith Stanfield will when the two start kissing in the back of a van. No place better for some man on man! But what was really hot as Hell in the ATL was when Alexander Skarsgard shows up as himself, walking around in a tight pair of whitey tighties. Talk about Hotlanta! One of the best shows of the 2000's, dirty thoughts met the dirty South in Atlanta