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Banana (2015)

Great Nudity!

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Banana is one part of a trilogy of interconnecting shows (the other two being Cucumber and Tofu), set across three channels, written by Russell T. Davis of Queer as Folk fame. The phallic shaped fruit-named series focuses on various characters of the homosexual/bi-sexual/lesbian/transgendered kind. Highlighting the series is 19-year old Dean (Fisayo Akinade), a successful dude that has a great office job, a nice apartment, and a healthy sexy life, one so healthy that he’s forced to wear a chastity cage over his cock. If he gets a boner, he is in some serious trouble! There’s also Scotty (Letitia Wright), who falls head over heels in love with Yvonne (Rosie Cavaliero). It’s only matter of time before her Scotty’s crush turns into an obsession, leading her life to spiral out of control. The pilot episode has been promising in regards to nudity, especially thanks to Fisayo Akinade and his penis flashing, chastity cage-thingy that he’s quick to show. The youthful beautiful Freddie Fox also flaunts his underwear-clad body while smoking a cigarette on the bed. Just like the fruit itself, Banana will have you coming in bunches.