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Glue (2014)

Great Nudity!

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You’ll get maxi-hard while watching the mini-series Glue (2014) due to the British show’s plentiful nudity! Set in the farming and racehorse breeding village of Overton, the English crime drama goes inside the confusing and often dark world of teenage life. No matter what side of the pond flesh fans live on, they’ll be thrilled to see the naked body of a local teen. Too bad the dude (Tommy Knight) is dead. Yes, his corpse was found underneath the wheels of a tractor. As you can guess, the rural community is torn apart by the discovery. This is especially true when it comes to his group of friends — Annie (Jessie Cave), Dominic (Tommy McDonnell), Tina (Charlotte Spencer), Ruth (Yasmin Paige) and others — who slowly begin to unearth the secrets they’ve hidden from each other. When said secrets start to spill out, a real murder mystery is uncovered. Of course, we’re more concerned about uncovering the clothed bodies on the comely cast. Luckily, James Warwick (Billy Howle) obliges us when the bare bloke jogs through the field, showing his cock and bum as he climbs up a grain tower in episode 1. Not to be outdone, Rob (Jordan Stephens) goes full frontal in the same episode. Better yet, Eli (Callum Turner) struts his stuff in the buff in episode 3. As such, we get to glance at his ass, sack, and shaft! By episode 5, Callum reveals his rump during a hump. Needless to say, Mr. Turner turns Mr. Man on!