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London Spy (2015)

Great Nudity!

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Mr. Man spies with his little eye several naked men in London Spy (2015). Yes, BBC Two sure knows how to pack a lot into a five-part television series. And the only thing juicier than the hot gay sex scenes (which we’ll get to) is the show’s thick… plot. Daniel “Danny” Edward Holt (Ben Whishaw) is a reckless gay clubber who has a chance meeting with a secretive, reserved and very intelligent stud named Alistair “Alex” Turner (Edward Holcroft). After immediately falling for each other (and consummating their feelings with a sex-fest), Danny finds Alex’s dead body in a sado-masochism chamber. As he searches for answers, we meet Frances Turner (Charlotte Rampling) as well as Scottie (Jim Broadbent). Eventually, Danny realizes that “Alex” was an alias and that his lover really worked for the Secret Intelligence Service. In other words, Danny was under the covers with someone who was undercover! In episode one, watch as Ben and Edward bare their butts while having incredibly passionate sex. Seriously, you have to see this to believe it! By episode 3, a bunch of shirtless blokes sit on a couch making out. Things get extra steamy when Rich (Mark Gatiss) crawls toward a topless Ben and sticks a condom in his mouth! London Spy made the news after its debut for multiple complaints pertaining to its gay sex scenes but that didn’t stop The Guardian from ranking it as one of the best shows in 2015. Take it from us, the miniseries holds up today!