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Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss

Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss (1998)

Brief Nudity

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The gay comedy Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss (1998) follows wannabe photographer Billy (Sean Hayes), who has a fondness for Polaroids, falls head-over-heals in love with Gabriel (Brad Rowe), a waiter and aspiring model who walks the line with his sexuality. Billy hires Gabriel to pose in a series of photographs inspired by old-time Hollywood movies. All is well until the infatuated photographer is cock-blocked by famous LA photographer Rex Webster (Paul Bartel), who swoops in and tries to steal Gabriel away. While all this goes on, no one really knows if Gabriel digs dudes.

You’ll really dig this flick, especially after you get a brief look at Brad Rowe’s rump as he tries on a tight-fitting swimsuit. Carmine Giovinazzo adds a dash of ass while taking a pee. Throw in some shirtless action from Sean Hayes and Armando Valdes-Kennedy, and this comedy with have you in the mood for some self-loving!