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Box of Moonlight

Box of Moonlight (1996)

Great Nudity!

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A mid-life crisis is a turning point for a robotic workaholic in Box of Moonlight (1996), an absurdist, magical realism filled comedy from Tom DiCillo. Al Fountain (John Turturro) is an uptight electrical engineer who is obsessed with hitting deadlines and making sure no minor detail is missed. When one of his jobs end early, he finds some unexpected free time and decides to head out on a journey of self-discovery to Splatchee Lake, a vacation spot he remembers from his childhood. When the lake fails to inspire due to a nasty pollution issue, Al crosses paths with The Kid (Sam Rockwell), a kooky, buckskin-wearing young man that lives in the woods and collects junk from trash heaps to sell to tourists. The Daniel Boone look-alike encourages Al to live life and be spontaneous, leading to an interesting encounter with the Dupree sisters Floatie and Purlene (Catherine Keener and Lisa Blount). In a brief but arousing scene, Turturro shows his swinging Splatchee, emerging from the shower and toweling off. Spending some time in the woods with The Kid, Al will come to appreciate the laid-back lifestyle at the perfect time. John Turturro's torso is on display all over the place, but we only get the one towel drop in terms of seeing his dong. Meanwhile, The Kid doesn’t kid us—Rockwell ravishes us with his box of moonlight, showing full frontal along with his chiseled backside in several scenes. Whether he's greeting a potential buyer of his goods, going skinny dipping, or just strolling around the woods naked, Sam Rockwell proves he's well-endowed in all sorts of different scenes. Those two cocks will have you over the moon watching Box of Moonlight!