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Box of Moonlight (1996)

Great Nudity!

A mid-life crisis is a turning point in Box of Moonlight (1996), an absurd comedy following Al Fountain (John Turturro), an uptight, electrical engineer, who heads out on a journey of self-discovery, searching for Splatchee Lake, a vacation spot he remembers from his childhood. When the lake fails to inspire, Al crosses paths with the Kid (Sam Rockwell), a kooky, buckskin-wearing young man that lives in the woods and collects junk from trash heaps. The Daniel Boone look-alike encourages Al to live life and be spontaneous, leading to an interesting encounter with the Dupree sisters Floatie and Purlene (Catherine Keener and Lisa Blount). In a brief but arousing scene, Turturro shows his swinging Splatchee, emerging from the shower and toweling off. The Kid doesn’t kid us—Rockwell ravishes us with his box of moonlight, showing full frontal along with his chiseled backside in several scenes. The multiple shots of quality skin will have you on a path of self-discovery. 

Top Scenes

Nude, penis, balls, shirtless 00:06:30 John exits the shower and flashes some full frontal! Thank you! (44 secs)
Nude, butt, penis, balls, shirtless, underwear 00:47:44 Sam Rockwell gives an amazing full frontal performance. John Turturro adds a sexy chest and underwear. Great scene! (1 min 30 secs)
Nude, penis, balls, shirtless, underwear 01:00:25 Sam Rockwell is a giver! More peen action from the panty-smelling freak! (1 min 21 secs)
Sexy, underwear, shirtless 00:22:31 John Turturro lays in bed, enjoying a phone sex hotline! (1 min 18 secs)
Sexy, underwear, shirtless, bulge 01:22:07 Shirtless John and Sam show off their toned bodies at the swimming hole. (19 secs)
Sexy, underwear, shirtless, bulge, straight 01:37:25 Sam Rockwell and John Turturro go for a shirtless frolic with the gals. (39 secs)
Nude, butt, penis, balls, shirtless 01:39:29 And yet another scene with some Sam Rockwell rod, balls, and butt! (42 secs)


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