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Anatomy of a Scene's Manatomy: Okay, So What's Up With Ben Affleck's Abnormally Smooth Dick in 'Gone Girl'?

This week, Ben Affleck curiously chooses to show his dick in Gone Girl, a film directed by a... read more >>

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The Top Ten Hottest, Sweatiest Naked Men in Hollywood

Is it hot in here or is it just these sweating men? read more >>

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Top Ten Hottest Celebrity Ball Slips

Wait...is that a ball sack?!

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Quentin Tarantino Calls THIS Brad Pitt Scene "Homoerotica"

He's even kinkier than we thought!

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A Closer Look At Brad Pitt's Ball Slip

It's Monday. Let's have a ball.

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Man Crush Monday: Brad Pitt

Today's MCM is an MCM for all seasons. read more >>

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The Top Ten Sexiest Nude Scenes from 2020 Academy Award Nominees

And the winner is...our boner!

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This Actor Just Named "Most Handsome" In The World. See Him Nude!

The folks at the Daily Mail have just released the name of the actor they say most closely... read more >>

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Here are the 2020 Oscar Nominations Nude!

And the nominudes are!

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Top Ten Hottest Actors With December Birthdays... Nude

These boys are in wood company.

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#TBT to the Eroticism in Fight Club

Trust me, this movie is gay.

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Hot Damn! Brad Pitt Looks Better Than Ever Shirtless in Once Upon a time in Hollywood

Somewhere there is a painting of him getting uglier, right? read more >>

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Who'd You Rather Blow: Brad Pitt Or Leonardo DiCaprio?

We've got all of the sexy pics to help you make up your mind! read more >>

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Movie Nudity Report: Skin, The Mountain, and Once Upon a Tim in Hollywood 7.26.19

This is a great and impressive week for men who have gone nude! read more >>

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Here are GIFs of Naked Guys with Long Beautiful Hair

Let's see if they have hair down there! read more >>