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The Best of Leonardo DiCaprio - A Look Back at Leo's Nude Legacy! Totaleclipse dicaprio 01 infobox web

With Martin Scorsese’s Academy Award nominated drama The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) being released on Blu-ray tomorrow, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to look back at Leonardo DiCaprio’s fleshy contributions to the world of cinema. 
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Happy Birthday Bruce Willis! Willis color of night 523aa178 infobox web

With today being Bruce Willis’ fifty-ninth birthday, Mr. Man thought he would take a moment to celebrate Bruce’s skin-tributions to the big screen. Depending on when you were born, some of you probably first discovered the hunky actor portraying David Addison on the quirky boob tube show Moonlighting. And at the time, we’d never thought that we’d get to see Bruce’s moon on the big screen. Heck, we were too busy rocking out to the cassette tape of “The Return of Bruno” on our Sony Walkman to even think about Bruce in the buff.

The majority of you more than likely discovered Bruce for his wife-beater-wearing, gun-blazing performance as NYPD officer John McClane in the action thriller Die Hard (1988). As the Hollywood hunk’s acting career heated up, his clothes started to come off. And good thing old habits die hard, because Bruce has gotten nude in seven of his films, and we’re still hoping for seven more. Even though Mr. Willis will soon be hitting his AARP years very soon, we still think he has a lot to give, and we’ll take any form of nudity from him because we think he’s H-O-T. And we get the feeling you guys feel the same way.

Even though you have a busy schedule, and there are tons of hot guys showing skin on Mr. Man, we think you should take a moment to pause and celebrate Bruce Willis’ many nude performances. Happy Birthday “Walter_B”! You’re our favorite action hero!

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The Dong Show - Full Frontal on Starz’ Black Sails Black sails title sequence by imaginary forces web

Seeing penis on the boob tube is much like seeing Halley’s Comet or a unicorn—it just never happens. But this past weekend’s episode of the Starz network’s pirate-themed drama Black Sails provided two peen shots for all us cock-enthusiast to indulge in.

With his romance novel cover looks, Zach McGowan went the extra mile by giving a clear view of his powered up pecker. In a previous episode, Zach bared a bit of butt and really wowed us with his abs. Sex marks the spot with this hunk! Not to be outdone, Aussie hottie Toby Schmitz went full frontal while resting in bed.

On the non-phallic front, another handsome Toby, Toby Stephens took off his shirt and threw his hat in the ring for the best abs on the show. But Luke Arnold made an impressive appearance in an earlier episode, proving that he’s been spending a lot of time in the gym. Who do you guys think has the best bod on the show? Mr. Man loves ‘em all! We’re greedy in that way.

With Black Sails just in its first season and gaining popularity, we have our fingers crossed that this high seas adventure will provide us with more plundered booty rich with cock. Ahoy, masturbate-ys! 
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The CW Gives Us Lots of Flesh to See! [PICS] Mitchell tomorrow people 3d637585 infobox web

Seeing male nudity on primetime television is an impossible feat. We never see dick, and we rarely see ass, unless it’s NYPD Blue, but that’s another post. As far as primetime skin goes, for the time being, we just have to settle for shirtless dudes walking around in their way-too-big boxer shorts. The horror if we actually saw bulge! This past week’s boob tube flesh comes from The CW.  

On the sci-fi-ish series The Tomorrow PeopleLuke Mitchell did some M.C. Escher-inspired fitness that showed off his amazing physique. Not sure if you’ve guys followed the show, but Luke Mitchell and co-star Robbie Amell always find a reason to be shirtless.

The CW’s new series Star-Crossed, a romantic drama putting a sci-fi spin on Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, gave us some hunky, shirtless action from Sean Paul Braud, Greg Finley and Matt Lanter. Triple the fun for everyone!
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Television Nude Report: True Detective and Looking [PICS] True detective4 web

The television continues to be a hot source of male nudity. Once dominated by the female form, the boob tube is turning in our favor, showing more butts, balls, peens and beefy physiques. Hit shows like HBO’s True Detective and Looking have squeaked out some skin from Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson, Charles Halford, T.J. Linnard, Jonathan Groff, Frankie J. Alvarez and O.T. Fagbenle. We’ll take what we can get, so stop reading this at take a look at some of this past week’s skin-filled scenes. Enjoy!
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House of Cards - Season Two [PICS] House of cards season 2 washington monument poster web

Season two of the political drama House of Cards is streaming on Netflix. If you don’t subscribe to Netflix, or you’re just not into political-minded television shows but you’re into handsome dudes losing their clothes, then you’ve come to the right spot. Mr. Man was kind enough to cut through the drama and pull the scenes that will definitely skin-terest you. But when you see Mahershala Ali and Sebastian Arcelus shed their shirts and Corey Stoll shuck his pants, you just might start tuning into the series. 

These guys will have you shuffling your deck. Check ‘em out! 
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Game of Thrones - Season 3 [PICS] Game of thrones season 3 blu ray amazon web

Season three of the HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones is out on Blu-Ray today. But if getting lost in a medieval-like fantasy world of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros is not your thing, you can just check out the amazing nude scenes here at Mr. Man! When sexy and handsome actors like Alfie Allen, Gethin Anthony, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Will Tudor, Richard Madden and Kristian Nairn are willing to show off their manly physiques and most private of parts, we’re there with bells on and pants off!

Check out just a small sampling of the bevy of beefcake the first three seasons of Game has to offer. 
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Just a Gigolo: Showtime's Gigolos [PICS] Gigolos 610x250 web

With season five of the Showtime reality series Gigolos in full swing, it’s about time for you to finally check it out. Okay, so the “reality” aspect of the show is a bit questionable, but the male nudity is indisputably amazing. In case you’ve been out of the loop, Gigolos follows five male workers in the business of escorting. Since it’s Showtime, you know “escorting” is a euphemism for sex. Now the intercourse is with ladies, but we can still enjoy watching the fantastic five fellows—Ash Armand, Vin Armani, Nick Hawk, Brace Land and Bradley Lords—plow their way through their dates. Hey, we’ll take cock and balls whenever we can get it!
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Amazing Nude Film: Stranger by the Lake [PICS] Linconnu du lac web

If you’re lucky enough to live in a progressive city with a theater that actually shows other films besides the ones with explosions, sparking bullets and silly dialogue, then you might be familiar with Alain Guiraudie’s amazing new gay French thriller Stranger by the Lake (2013). But if your local theater is currently being inundated with Robocop (2014) and The Lego Movie (2014), you probably won’t have a chance to see Guiraudie’s man-sterpiece until it hits a streaming service. Lucky for you, Mr. Man did some legwork, and we have all the good parts neatly presented for your spewing pleasure.

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Joe Manganiello Makes a Documentary about Male Strippers! Article 2541378 1abeeea700000578 809 634x957 web

True Blood beefcake Joe Manganiello fed our male stripper fantasies when he worked his man-gic, portraying the sack-shaking, hip-grinding, ab-flexing “Big Dick Richie” in the skin-mazing film Magic Mike (2012). But it seems as though Joe isn’t ready to leave the stripper stage just yet. We’re excited to hear that Joe’s set to make his directorial debut with La Bare (2014), a documentary  about the eponymous male strip club in Houston, Texas. And you guys thought all documentaries were boring! Maybe Joe will consider releasing the film in 3-D? The trailer for the flick looks promising. What do you guys think?
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Before They Were Walking Dead... [PICS] Season4 teaser feat web

Before the sexy stars of The Walking Dead were trying to survive the post-apocalyptic world dominated by flesh-eating zombies, they were heating up independent films with some generous views of their most intimate of areas. Andrew Lincoln, David Morrissey and Norman Reedus haven’t been afraid to show some skin, so check out a few of the handsome actors’ man-tastic scenes. 
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Television Nude Report: Girls, Shameless, Banshee [PICS] White shameless 7029314a infobox web

The hipster HBO series Girls may be loaded with female nudity, but the show throws us a bone (or a butt) every so often. Alex Karpovsky, the cute coffee shop manager on the series, gave us a brief look at his pale and pleasant backside during an unexpected hook-up. We’d like to share a tall cup of sex-presso with Alex!

Shameless had us breathless when both Jeremy Allen White and Nick Gehlfuss continued their butt-baring, bedroom-banging ways. These dudes have nothing to be ashamed of! 

And Harrison Thomas made his nude debut on Banshee, flashing his butt during some froggy-like humping with his girlfriend. It looks like Harrison knows his way around a hole! Let’s hope that this is just the beginning for Harrison’s skin-tributions. With a skin-filled show like Banshee, guys the limit!
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The Mr. Man Blog is Here! 13883 151169471759792 1842659577 n web

Welcome to the Mr. Man blog! We’re excited to introduce this new component to the Mr. Man site. The blog is just another spot where we get to highlight, showcase and collectively drool over some of the hottest and sexiest scenes of male flesh on the big screen and boob tube, past and present. We know that Mr. Man is overflowing with so much content that it can be overwhelming, so just consider the blog as a sort of pit stop for peen, packages, pecs and ripped physiques. Sound good? Sit back, get in the mood and enjoy the ride! 
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