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Double Cross

Double Cross (2020)

No Nudity

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For this pair of twins, Erica (Ashley A. Williams) and Eric Cross (Jeff Logan), their neighborhood is more than just a bunch of people who nod their heads at each other and avert eye contact...  Their neighborhood is like a family and for these siblings, family means everything!  As she is the doctor in the family, Erica begins to notice that her emergency room keeps filling up with patients that are almost always young women who are viciously abused and begins to sense a pattern.  Not only does she realize that the girls in the hood are being brutalized, they are also victims of a crime syndicate that specializes in sex trafficking and her and Eric are the pair of badass siblings that have the means to put an end to this ring of bad dudes!  "The Heights" might be getting overrun by bad guys who commoditize the locals young ladies, but their are going to be in for a swift style of vigilant justice by this dynamic duo, so get ready for a Double Cross coming right at you and if you're a bad guy, you better get ready for a certified ass beating!  Also, get ready to beat something yourself because they cast just about every single sexy guy in Hollywood and made them drive the story along with a whole bunch of shirtless scenes!  That includes the star Jeff Logan, as well as Tremayne Norris, Faith Malonte, Gregory Steinbrecher, and Charlie Magdaleno.  As this series progresses and the bodies begin to pile up, let's just hope some of them stay warm and hopefully continue with the shirtless trend too!