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Eagles (2019-)

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There are a handful of things the Swedes are incredible at... Modular furniture, social programs for their citizens, ice hockey, and being super hot.  This young adult sports drama focuses mostly on the two latter points we just made.  Eagles follows a group of teenagers that live in the ice hockey obsessed Swedish town of Oskarshamn, where the high school ice hockey team are local legends and things only get more complicated when the son and daughter of a former NHL star move into town and get involved with the local drama.  Needless to say, this one is filled with gorgeous Swedish boy toys who spend the majority of their time in the locker room or bedding down the local talents, both male and female!  The star of this teenage drama, Edvard Olsson, fits the bill of a true Scandinavian stud.  Light hair, baby blue eyes, busting out bulge, and of course a chiseled physique that'll make your eyes pop out of your head a bit!  This series is bound to make you google some of these borderline unpronounceable names once you get into those locker room scenes!  


Edvard Olsson

Elias Kroon

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