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Essex Boys

Essex Boys (2000)

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Essex Boys (2000) is a high-octane action flick that takes place in, where else, Essex. After spending five years in prison, one young man named Jason Locke goes right back to business into the criminal underbelly in order to make some debts right and get revenge on the people who owe him things and who landed him in prison. Even though his woman is begging him to leave it all behind because nothing can ever be the way it was before, he is determined to reclaim his status in the criminal world and make millions in the meantime. This movie is loosely based on real events that took place in December 1995 when three well-known drug dealers were murdered. They were all lured to their death with the promise of a huge drug deal but were found shot to death the next morning. This movie loosely tells the story that leads up to their demise. Sean Bean and Tom Wilkinson both star as some truly badass boys from Essex. In fact, Sean Bean's underwear bulge is pretty much putting the sex in Essex as far we are concerned. Tom Wilkinson does his share by going shirtless. Can we buy some grams of this hunky zaddy? Damn! That's not all. Charlie Creed-Miles make his Mr. Man debut by getting out of bed in just his boxer briefs. Check out his toned torso as he get out of bed. This skinny sexpot is doing his part to add to the hunkiness in Essex Boys.