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Goodbye, Butterfly

Goodbye, Butterfly (2021)

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Goodbye, Butterfly (2021) is a thriller written and directed by Tyler Wayne about a family man whose life is turned upside down when his darling five-year-old daughter is suddenly murdered. This previously doting father is now set on having revenge on whoever did this to his family. He becomes sure that he has found the murderer and that it is his weirdo neighbor down the street, so he will stop at nothing to prove that it is this person and see to it that he meets an end as violent as the one his daughter had to endure. Tyler Wayne stars in the movie as Tyler and we get to see this multi-talented creator and actor go shirtless in a scene where he trains with a boxer. He is shirtless and wearing his foam helmet and mouthguard, but his face still looks pristine and handsome under all of that boxing equipment. Thank goodness it is there because his smooth, handsome features need to be protected at all costs! That is not even the best part of these two scenes. The best part is watching his lean muscles in action. He floats like a butterfly as he practices fighting in the ring with his boxing coach yelling at him from the sidelines. His strong pecs and flat abs look flawless despite the fact that it is obvious he works out with this violent workout. Whether he's training for vengeance or just to keep his body tight and right, we love watching him work up a sweat!