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Grimewave (2016)

Great Nudity!

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Get ready to turn New Orleans into Goo Orleans! Underground New Orleans filmmaker Jason Matherne has become a gore maestro, and possesses a special talent for blending humor, horror, and sex into exploitation filmmaking at its finest. In Grimewave: Cockface III (2016) the New Orleans gang world is shaken up by the nymphomaniac Cockface serial killer. Putting their differences aside, rival gangs pool their resources to take down Cockface, whose disturbing murderous ways are not for the faint of heart. Will Cockface ever be stopped? With a hot gay sex scene at the 24 minute mark, does anyone really care? While unknowingly being watched by CF (we’re tight like that), Jared Scallions gives Bill Kumberger a face full of his fully exposed schlong and sac. Bill then turns around to show ass while taking Jared. Wild stuff! 


Bill Kumberger

Nude - as Flexico's Lover

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Jared Scallions

Nude - as N.O.P.D. Sergeant Flexico

6 Pics & 1 Clip

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