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Hero and the Terror

Hero and the Terror (1988)

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Chuck Norris (aka Carlos Ray) stars in the action flick Hero and the Terror (1988), not to be confused with Hero (1992) featuring Andy Garcia and The Terror (1963) with Jack Nicholson. The former US Air Force AP and all-time martial arts icon plays Detective Danny O’Brien, a tough L.A. cop who captured a notorious serial killer called Simeon “The Terror” Moon (Jack O’Halloran). After a near fatal showdown, Danny was heralded as a hero by the public once Moon was caught. Alas, as the criminal was being transported to a psych facility, his ambulance fell over a cliff and he was presumed dead. But as you can guess, Moon got away. Needless to say, the madman resurfaces in the city. When he resumes his killing spree, Danny must show what a real hero he is by stopping the murderer once and for all. Based on Michael Blodgett’s same-named book, the crime pic includes Dr. Highwater (Billy Drago), Dwight (Jeffrey Kramer), Kay (Brynn Thayer), Robinson (Steve James), and the skin on Mr. Norris! During the opening credits, we get to watch the muscular hunk get out of bed in his blue undies. If that’s not hot enough, the hottie steams up the screen while he parades his impeccable pecs as well as a big bulge in his briefs. Granted, the flesh flash is fast but that’s what freeze frame is for. In other words, grab your remote and enjoy the show! Hero and the Terror? More like Hero and the Terrific Body.