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Into the Night

Into the Night (2020-2021)

No Nudity


As a series of passengers on a commercial airline flight from different countries come to find out from the deranged hi-jacker, the sun itself is killing everything that it touches as it rises in the east.  This rag tag group of people on this red-eye flight need to stay ahead of the rising run as it is dropping everyone it touches with light!  So the title Into the Night is quite apt, as they head west into the night to avoid physical sunlight touching them, otherwise they will all die in this Sci-Fi thriller set 35,000 feet in the sky.  Told in an episodic style, with each episode focusing on a different passenger and how they ended up on the ill-fated flight around the globe to stay ahead of the end of the world, so we only get one passenger hunk's backstory that involves any sort of sordid sexiness as Laurent Capelluto sleeps with his mistress and is caught by his wife.  We also find out one of the passengers us a bad dude, who used to rough up people in his brothel, including Charlie Cattrall, who gets a good old fashioned whipping when he tries to beat up a lady of the night with no shirt on.