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Invisible Centerfolds

Invisible Centerfolds (2015)

Brief Nudity

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Imagine if you will, centerfolds, but invisible. This is the concept explored in writer / director Dean McKendrick’s 2015 sexy softcore flick Invisible Centerfolds. Models and roommates Crystal (Scarlet Red), Kay (Christine Nguyen), and Beth (Krissy Lynn) are unexpectedly presented with the opportunity for one of them to appear on the next issue of Playpen magazine. The caveat? This coveted spot will only be bestowed on the girl willing to give up her vag to the magazine's photographer (Jason Lockart). The offer, although tempting, threatens to destroy their friendship. 

But what about the invisibility? Great question. While the girls are contemplating the fame and fortune associated with being chosen as the featured centerfold, mad scientist Professor Jennings (Frankie Dell) is working on a secret invisibility formula. Due to a chance meeting, Christine Nguyen is able to use the formula and her newfound invisibility to spy on her friends, witnessing the lows to which one of them (no spoilers here) will go in exchange for fame.  

Most important to Invisible Centerfolds is that Frankie Dell is sexy as hell, and kind of looks like Richard Gere, so if you squint your eyes a little you can pretend that this officer and his gentle member are pounding the life out of you as well. With his chiseled jaw and hot bod, you’ll definitely want Frankie Dell to ring your bell. Jason Lockart also brings something to the table, as his sex scene with Krissy will have you spread eagle on the next park bench you see, waiting for him to come up and bury his face between your quivering legs.