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Kim's Convenience (2016)

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Kim's ConvenienceĀ kicked off in 2016 and lasted five seasons telling Canadian viewers the tale of a Korean-Canadian family running a convenience store in Toronto. Airing on CBC Television before becoming available internationally on Netflix, Umma (Jean Yoon) and Appa (Paul Sun-Hyung Lee) were teachers back home in Korea, but when they moved to Canada they opted to buy a convenience store in Toronto's Moss Park. Traditional and conservative, they live for hard work and don't love the idea of their daughter Janet (Andrea Bang) studying photography in college instead of learning a more concrete skill that is guaranteed to make her a ton of cash. At least she's not Jung Kim (Simu Liu), her older brother who became estranged from the family after committing a few crimes as a kid. He's corrected course, but the fam isn't so quick to forget what he put them through. While the cast is unconventional, the sitcom setups are rather typical. The dad and Jung Kim will reconcile, there's a quirky best friend (Andrew Phung), zany customers, and all sorts of family chaos. Based on the play of the same name, there's no question who had viewers playing with themselves while watching this sitcom. Before he was Shang-Chi in the MCU, Simu Liu was the bad boy older brother all the Canadian cuties wanted to put a ring on! In season 1, episode 8, Liu gets shirtless to shoot some hoops. Mr. Man's no baller, but he'd be happy to handle Simu's balls! Later in the same episode, Liu loses his shirt again to strut his manly, muscular bod around the living room. Simu Liu, we want to see more of you! How inconvenient is it that Kim's Convenience didn't air on a channel that allowed nudity?