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Legionnaire (1998)

Brief Nudity


Believed to be one of action hero’s Jean-Claude Van Damme’s most significant accomplishments on film, Legionnaire (1998) is the story of Alain Lefevre (Van Damme), a French playboy who makes the mistake of messing around with the girlfriend of a ruthless mobster. So, Lefevre does what any stand-up guy in that situation would do: join the French Foreign Legion. Surprisingly, life doesn’t get easier in the service -- he is shipped to North Africa, where instead of dodging mafiosos, he’s fighting bloodthirsty guerillas and sidestepping a violent senior officer. But, his resolution stays firm, as do his legendarily rock-hard glutes in a skin-a-plenty hose-down scene with co-star Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, who also shows off his fantastic ass along with a gaggle of uncredited nude dudes! JCVD & AAA also shows off their phenomenal physiques when washing their clothes without their shirts on, and a boxing scene gives us more shirtless JCVD and Joe Montana—not that one! 


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