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Manscapers: Nude Shaving and Waxing

A lot of men shave their body hair for some sexy manscaping. Here is a playlist featuring dudes shaving like Chace Crawford shaving his chest and hair in The Boys. Harris Dickinson is a manly man when he lifts weights and then trims his pubes in Beach Rats. Nicolas Cazalé whips out his dick to trims his pubes in the mirror in Three Dancing Slaves before he gets interrupted. Steven Strait and Drew Van Acker do some shave play before smooching. James Purefoy is pure joy when he is nude shaving his beard. Sylvester Stallone gets interrupted by his mother when he's shaving his beard in the shower. Jerry O'Connell whips off his towel and shaves his face in Tomcats. Next up Christopher Meloni goes full frontal while another prisoner shaves in Oz. Omari Hardwick makes wicks hard when he swiftly shaves in Power. Gethin Anthony offers his body for Finn Jones to shave before Finn blows him in Game of Thrones. Louis Garrel and Eva Green offer to shave Michael Pitt's peen area before he yells at them. Matthew Camp buzzes his pit hair in Getting Go: The Go Doc Project. Sebastian Stroebel gets waxed in Unter Frauen - even his ass! Mauricio Mendoza is naked in front of the mirror as he applies shaving cream to his face. Steve Talley and Jordan Prentice are both on their stomachs as his buns get waxed. In Sundown, Sean Marquette gets his derriere waxed while it gets streamed online. A fully nude Daniel Grao shaves his face before showing off his buns. Mirrors for Princes is up next and features a trippy nude scene with Liam Ward who gets his pubes buzzed off. Goran Marjanovic shaves his pubes and smokes in the tub, smearing cream all over his cock and balls. Pasha Ebrahimi gives us a look at his huge hog as he shaves his face in Sex and Violence. Eduardo Noriega sits naked and gets shaved outside in Novo. Jake Siegel, Jonathan Keltz, and Nick Nicotera all get waxed in American Pie Presents Beta House. Finally, Steve Carell famously has his chest waxed in The 40 Year Old Virgin as his friends watch. 

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