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Marco Polo

Marco Polo (2014-2016)

Brief Nudity


Set mostly in 13th century China, the two season lasting Netflix series Marco Polo tells the tale of the titular traveler that inspired the iconic pool game (Lorenzo Richelmy), but also forged a connection between Europe and the Far East at a time that was considered impossible. The son of a Venetian merchant, Marco leaves Italy to travel the silk road thinking he can score his dad some sweet deals on silk and such. Instead, he spends way more time there than he ever imagined, as he attempts to build a relationship with the ruthless Mongol leader Kublai Khan (Benedict Wong) and becomes an agent of the Mongol empire. Polo rises up from a prison to become Khan’s trusted advisor, being quickly drawn into the ebb and flow of the power struggle that surrounds the famous leader. Along the way, Polo learns kung fu and dips his dingus into the pool of concubines that hover around Khan. While the historical drama brings the action and excitement, it's the male nudity that had us searching for this one every time we tapped the Netflix app. Speaking of tapping, in the opening episode, Remy Hi bares the slightest bit of butt while banging a chick. Hello, Remy! Also, in episode five, Lorenzo Richelmy bares his perfectly circular bubble butt during an orgy scene while he does some sexploring. There’s a cock in there, but Mr. Man isn’t too sure whom it belongs to. Another man that'll have your hands on your pole is Mahesh Jadu, who shows his tush while Jadu-ing some Chinese babe! Throw in the beefy chest of the wildly muscular Chuluunbaatar Batchuluun, Benedict Wong showing why it's good to be in charge as a woman does all sorts of dirty stuff to him, Tom Wu as a shredded master of Kung-Fu and more, and the guys of Marco Polo will leave a mark-o in your undies!