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Minority Report

Minority Report (2015)

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Set 10 years after the end of the Minority Report (2002) movie ended, Minority Report (2015 - ) the series picks up. We find that the Precrime division has been disbanded and one of the PreCogs that had been used to tell the future is now living in the witness protection program and trying have a normal life, however, he is still blessed/cursed with their ability to tell the future. By teaming up with a police officer the former PreCog tries to help fight crime and use his powers for good.

The future looks pretty damn hot when Dominic Downer hooks up with a girl at his place. He has his shirt off as he presses her against the wall and buries his face between her boobs. Sadly, they are interrupted before we get to anything really good, but we do get plenty of nice looks at Dominic’s very impressive upper body. It’s obvious the future has gyms and he knows how to use them!