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Nightshade (2022)

No Nudity

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For hard-nosed and incredible intelligent police detective, Ben Hays (Lou Ferrigno Jr.), he was born to be a cop.  He solves pretty much every case that comes across his desk, he knows the tricks of the trade, and he's about as clever as the killers he helps hunt down and bring to justice.  That is until the day he stumbles across a potential serial killer that he can't get a read on.  The guy doesn't leave behind a trace, no forensic evidence like hair, fingerprints, or shell casings at the crime scene, and he's on a roll with his killing spree now.  Ben then begins to have the most disturbing dreams of his life, almost giving him prescience into not just the crimes that have already been committed, but potentially future killings.  Figuring that he must be suffering from exhaustion or some kind of mental break after years on the job, he goes to see a psychiatrist who specializes in hypnotherapy.  Once she begins to put Ben under her hypnotic trances in her office, the parallels of the killings and his dreams become stronger and more lucid.  Is Ben jumping into the mind of the killer he is hunting, is his new shrink somehow involved in these brutal crimes, or is he somehow involved in the deaths of these innocent people all over town?  Watch the find out where this psychological crime thriller takes you and also get a good look at Hollywood legacy, Lou Ferrigno Jr., who looks just as good as his pops without a shirt on!