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Nocturnal Animals (2016)

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Nocturnal Animals, another meticulously polished film from the one and only Tom Ford, covers two stories at once. There's Amy Adams, playing a wealthy gallery owner named Susan. Married to a handsome if not distant man, she never sleeps and is deeply, deeply unhappy - an unfortunate circumstance worsened by the sudden arrival of her ex-husband Eddie's new novel - which he has dedicated to her. In his novel, the husband/wife/daughter are described suspiciously similar to Susan, Eddie, and Susan's daughter, who meet a very unfortunate fate in the Texas desert, distressing Susan as soon as she reads it. Consider it a tribute to the power of art - like Jake Gyllenhaal, who plays the book's protagonist, shirtless. The diabolical and sadistic Texas fiend who causes the book's mayhem is played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who won a 2017 Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor. 



Jake Gyllenhaal

Sexy - as Edward Sheffield / Tony Hastings

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