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Red Oaks

Red Oaks (2014-2017)

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Amazon's 1980's set coming-of-age comedy Red Oaks was produced by Steven Soderbergh (Sex, Lies, and Videotape) and directed by David Gordon Green (Eastbound & Down), so expectations were pretty high when it made its debut in 2014. While it only lasted three seasons, critics loved its laid-back charm and ability to be nostalgic without being obnoxious about it and shoving references down your throat. The series follows David (Craig Roberts), a college student who spends his summers working as a tennis pro at the upscale Red Oaks Country Club in suburban 1985 New Jersey. He's a middle-class kid, so he can't help but look up to the club's rich president Doug (Paul Reiser), though he spends most of his time on the tennis court alongside the Turkish delight Nash (Ennis Esmer). He's got a girlfriend (Gage Golightly), but of course he can't keep his eyes off the club's untouchable, wealthy and gorgeous resident babe Skye (Alexandra Soche). Hoping to become a filmmaker, David wants to get out of his accounting major and learn to make movies but that's a rich kid's dream and David's not one of those, which leads him to envy the country club crowd. Eventually we'll see him hook up with Skye, follow his dreams, and eventually get around to teaching some people how to play tennis. Red Oaks isn't afraid to bring on the man skin, something we’ve come to demand from television in the 21st century. In addition to some great shots of cutie Craig Roberts' soaked and very pronounced bulge while he runs around in his whitey tighties, we get some looks at his perfectly round humps! That'll have you grabbing your racket to wack it!The wild tan lines of James Waterston are a sight to behold as he and Ennis Esmer join in on the bun fun, while Nick Bailey and a slew of other studs show us their sexy shirtless bods. If only the fellas of Red Oaks had shown us their hard wood!