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Room 104 (2017-2020)

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Room 104 (2017) was HBO's fascinating anthology created by Mark Duplass and Jay Duplass where each half hour episode takes place in the same motel room but tells a completely unique story. Lasting four seasons, the variety of story the Duplass brothers explored was breathtaking. From sci-fi stuff like a wild episode where Rainn Wilson has kidnapped a piano teacher (Frank Birney) from his past because he vividly remembers the old man teleporting, to Arturo Castro struggling with a rash that ends up being an alien parasite, to fantastical stuff like "Voyeurs" which was an episode exclusively made out of dancers expressing their feelings with their bodies, all the way to very human stories like one where a pair of Mormons (Adam Foster and Nat Wolff) realize that they're falling in love. We'd like to make a reservation for Room 104 when we see the burly Will Tranfo in a bathtub shirtless. Room for one more? The main event happens when Supergirl hottie Adam Foster gives up the dong in the seventh episode of the first season as the jacked Mormon shows strips off his magic undies to show his Mor-manhood! Him and Adam Foster make such a cute couple! Dave Bautista shows his chest as a monstrous pro wrestler, while Arturo Castro flashes ass trying to show his doctor the rashes all over his body. Mr. Man has some cream for that thing! Konstantin Lynch is a sexy Santa when he forgets to put his pants on and lets us see his buns peeking out of the red coat, while Steve Little is a little, adorably pudgy dude who shows his soft butt in a different episode. Onur Tukel's tukkus makes an appearance as him and a lovely lady film a sex tape. Throw in Mahershala Ali walking around in a towel and with all those sexy dudes Room 104 was really putting the mo in motel!