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Rx (2005)

No Nudity

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Rx (2005) follows friends who go south of the border for a weekend party filled with debauchery. However, one of the friends, Andrew, struggles with family issues. The trio meets a series of drug dealers while on this trip. Their car also breaks down in Mexico. While they wait, they get into drug-filled trouble which brings out some hidden emotions in all of them. Especially Andrew, played by a young and sexy Eric Balfour, who has been trying to hide his personal battles from his friends. He tries to hide his battles and fails, just like he fails at hiding his shirtless chest from us. Eric sits naked on a porcelain throne to show us his tattooed arm and bare chest. We can even enjoy his hairy thighs. Yum! Now onto some crazier, kinkier things. Alan Tudyk plays the drug dealer Pepe who is a bit of a loose cannon. He and his partner Raul, played by Ori Pfeffer, dress up as Nazis in one scene and start making out with each other. If they're just following orders, then the order must be to makeout. Sadly, they don't get undressed and bang. In another scene, Ori is shirtless as Alan takes a gun and opens their trunk to see a body inside. It's a literal car trunk, by the way, not his badonkadonk. If only! Rx is filling our prescription for lean, sexy 90s guys who make out with each other in questionable uniforms. It's just what the doctor ordered!