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S.W.A.T. (2017-2021)

No Nudity

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A remake of the 1975 TV show that kicked off in 2017, S.W.A.T. proved that mixing hot dudes and heart pounding action is a timeless formula! Lasting seven seasons on CBS, the show follows Daniel "Hondo" Harrellson (Shemar Moore), a former Marine turned SWAT team leader who was only promoted because a white cop who was the team leader before accidentally killed a black kid and the optics looked good. And in case that plotline didn't have you questioning his leadership capabilities enough, he's also boning the boss (Stephanie Sigman). Needless to say, he's got to deal with team members who don't believe in him, like the white guy who was supposed to be the "next man up" to lead the team (Jay Harrington) as well as constant protests that have erupted since the shooting. With Justin Lin directing the pilot, the action is fast and furious with episodes including the gang taking down drug lords in the middle of earthquakes, infiltrating highjacked cruise ships, protecting Pride Parades from homophobic psychos and all sorts of other exciting stuff. You'll be grabbing your special weapon seeing these macho men of "Special Weapons and Tactics." We have a code red on sexiness in S.W.A.T.! Send in the feds for Shemar Moore when he takes out his aggression on a punching bag shirtless, showing off his sweaty six pack. In another scene Shemar takes out his tension in another way when he lies shirtless in bed with a woman on his muscular pec pillows! Alex Russell ends up having to make a naked run for it when he has to flee a woman's house with nothing but his balled up clothes hiding his balls! David Lim likes to work out without a shirt on and spend some time in his boxers with a lady friend, while Cornelius Smith Jr. is just chilling on his couch in a tiny pair of shorts when the cops burst in on him. We were just about to bust before he got busted! If you like tats, there's Joseph Raymond Lucero, while Jay Harrington lounging around a sauna in just a towel will satisfy your DILF needs. Alejandro Barrios' abs look absurd when he's tied up and beaten down, while we couldn't stop staring at Marc Fajardo as a boa wrapped around his neck. Seeing his chest, Mr. Man has a snake he'd like to introduce to Marc's throat. Stuck on network TV, there might never have been any nudity, but plenty of scenes in S.W.A.T were super hot!