This weekend marked the 21st annual Critics' Choice Awards. The voters proved that they have impeccable taste by choosing some of the most beautiful men in the business who don't mind dropping trou for the sake of art! Here is the list of this year's nude winners. 


eonardo Dicaprio Nude

Best Actor: Leonardo DiCaprioThe Revenant

Nude: Total Eclipse (1995)

Stallone naked

Best Supporting Actor: Sylvester Stallone - Creed

Nude: The Italian Stallion (1970)

Tom Hardy Naked

Best Actor in an Action Movie: Tom Hardy - Mad Max: Fury Road

Nude: Bronson (2008)

Christian Bale Naked in American Psycho

Best Actor in a Comedy: Christian Bale - The Big Short

Nude: American Psycho (2000)


Tambor Naked in Transparent

Best Actor in a Comedy Series: Jeffrey Tambor - Transparent

Where can I find Rami Malek Naked

Best Actor in a Drama Series: Rami Malek - Mr. Robot

Nude: Need for Speed (2014)

Idris Elba in Thee Big C Nude

Best Actor in a Movie Made for Television or Limited Series: Idris Elba - Luther 

Nude: The Big C

Slater Butt

Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series: Christian Slater - Mr. Robot

Nude: Mobsters (1991)

Plemons Underwear Fargo

Best Supporting Actor in a Movie for Television or Limited Series: Jesse Plemons - Fargo