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Strike Back (2010-2020)

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While most military books are written by professional writers that never served in the military, that's definitely not the case with Chris Ryan.Chris is a former Special Air Service Agent best known for his 190-mile-long escape on foot from behind enemy lines during The Gulf War, who went on to pen the 2007 novel that became the 2010 Cinemax show Strike Back. Lasting eight seasons, Strike Back is a UK based TV show that tells the story of ‘Section 20,’ a top secret unit of the British Secret Intelligence Service, as they carry out high risk missions around the globe. Leading the team for the first few seasons was Sgt. John Porter (Richard Armitage), but when he went off to film The Hobbit movies our new leader became Sgt. Damien Scott, played by the hunky Sullivan Stapleton. Often compared to 24, it's all about Section 20 stopping terrorist attacks, sniffing out sleeper cells, freeing hostages, and all sorts of other action filled events. But unlike most military based shows, these guys get tons of action when they're not seeing action! Probably because they're fit badasses! How could dudes like that ever strike out? For example, Sullivan Stapleton's character introduces himself to the audience rear first when one of the first things we see of him is his clenching bare ass as he gives the rod to a Malaysian hooker. Later in the same episode an Indian waitress removes his towel from his waist and invites him to bed for a shag. He is interrupted mid-thrust by a group of terrorists and must do some serious hand-to-combat while naked! That's better than his predecessor Richard Armitage, who only went shirtless. At one point Sullivan and Philip Winchester end up showing their asses while getting sprayed down with a hose in jail, but it's Adrian Bouchet who really showed his boo-tay while dead and hunched over. Deadass, that's a fine fella! Daniel MacPherson shows his crack banging a girl in a backroom, but that's not as much fun as when Dougray Scott and Daniel Ben Zenou do each other! You didn't ask, but we're gonna tell you it's very erotic stuff! Globetrotting, fighting bad guys, shagging everything in sight and showing off their hot bodies, the ‘Section 20’ team gives every inch of their being to get the job done. The soldiers on Strike Back are strikingly handsome!