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The Guardians of Justice

The Guardians of Justice (2022)

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The mixed media series The Guardians of Justice—which debuted on Netflix in the winter of 2022—is set in an alternate universe version of the 1980s wherein the globe has been plunged into World War III. The conflict comes to a surprisingly quick end, however, when an alien known as Marvelous Man (an analogue to Superman) demonstrates his might to the world and convinces them to put down their weapons. Marvelous Man then assembles a team of other super-powered individuals to act as the titular Guardians of Justice, keeping the peace around the globe and ensuring humanity doesn't tear itself apart. Over time, of course, these rogue super humans begin to get ideas of their own and a power struggle ensues, with the fate of humanity hanging in the balance. The series combines all manner of animation and live action footage together in interesting ways, but there are no special effects required to make John Hennigan's supernatural physique pop on camera! This sweaty hunk shows off his rippling muscles several times throughout the series and we can safely say that they are scenes you'll wanna watch Hennigan and again!